Duke Cabinets

The greatest cabinet company in Chicago-land



We offer services for nearly all kitchen renovation projects.

A few of these services include:

-Cabinet Refinishing

-Cabinet Refacing

-Custom Cabinets

-Cabinet Repair

-Cabinet Installation


-Mosaic Backsplash

-Floor and Wall Tiles

-Countertop Installation


          Since we are flexible, we are able to take on more than one of these services at a time for a project, to take care of all of your renovation needs at once. Also, not all of our services are listed due to the vast amount that we can provide. If you have further questions about services listed here, and other projects we may be able to do, please feel free to contact us through the "contact us" page. You may either fill out a form on the page, or directly email or call us through the provided information found at the bottom of the page.